At a time when India is trying to balance growth and equity, there is an acute need for evidence-based inputs to put into perspective alternative pathways and their social, economic and environmental impact and weave that into a debate concerning policy making.

TARI’s mission is to provide high quality research in the areas of micro and macroeconomics, trade, growth and other fields of developmental economics. We have been carrying out extensive work involving econometric modelling and analysis, forecasting and predictions using qualitative and quantitative variables for various sectors and industries.

We ensure that our outputs are reviewed and validated by top economists and policy makers of India before public dissemination. This allows seamless integration of research outputs into discussions for policy making process. Some of our reports have been publicly released by leading Parliamentarians, including the finance minister and other cabinet ministers, who also comment on our outputs and its impact.

We have conducted pioneering studies on estimation of illicit markets in India for over ten industries and project the economic losses, losses to government and social impact. The methodology we developed to estimate the size of illicit market is now globally accepted as a robust model and our results are considered as a benchmark for such markets in India.

Some of our major works are:

*Assessing India’s Manufacturing Cost Competitiveness (for Assocham – priced publication)

 *India-Africa Trade: Continuous Sunshine (for Assocham – priced publication)

 *Translating Aspirations into Reality: India@22


 *India Development Story 2040: Alternative Pathways


 *Socio-Economic Impact of Counterfeiting, Smuggling & Tax Evasion in Seven Key Indian Industry Sectors (for FICCI –priced publication)


 *Socio-Economic Impact of Piracy in the Publishing Sector


 *Contributing to Make in India: Construction, Textile and Apparel and Gems and Jewellery industries (for Assocham – priced publications)

 *Illicit Markets: A Threat to National Security (covering 9 key sectors)

Links: (auto components) (alcoholic beverages) (broadcasting industry) (Computer hardware) (FMCG- Personal Goods) (FMCG-Packaged Food) (Motion Picture) (Mobile Phone) (Tobacco industry)

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