Handbook for Independent Directors

Handbook for Independent Directors, a first-of-its-kind since the passage of the Companies Act, 2013, explores various aspects of the role of Independent Directors, large aspects of which have limited guidance so far. In an effort that seeks to explore the regulatory fine print of actions that guide the institution of Independent Directors in their discharge of duties, TARI in collaboration with Ernst & Young, presents this Handbook.

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    Book Reviews by Dr. Nikhil Sinha, Chairman-HCL Infosystems Limited & Vice Chancellor-Shiv Nadar University, by Naresh Chandra, Chairman-Naresh Chandra Committee on Corporate Audit & Governance and by Dr. Asoke Banerjee, Professor(Finance & Control)-Indian Institute of Management Calcutta
    The Handbook for Independent Directors is both a primer and a guidebook for good governance and the role of Independent Directors. Every Independent Director of listed companies should keep it with arm’s reach.Read More

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    Legal Era Magazine, July 2015
    Handbook for Independent Directors explores and analyses the various dimensions of the role of Independent Directors who are considered as the pivot of corporate governance. Read more…

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    The FreePress Journal, August 9, 2015
    The book under review explores and analyses various dimensions of the role of Independent Directors who are considered as the pivot of corporate governance. Read more

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    Financial Express, July 4, 2015
    Kaushik Dutta, in his book on independent directors, provides guidelines on what is expected from an independent director. The book covers everything, right from the concept of an ‘independent director’ to his responsibilities and expected conduct. To build this guidebook, Dutta gives a number of examples of how independent directors have made a difference to the functioning of boards. The book is further embellished by views expressed by persons of eminence who have served on various boards. Read More

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    Review by Mr. R. Krishnan, Founder President-ICSI, as appeared in The ICSI Journal, June 2015
    Handbook for INDEPENDENT DIRECTORS is a refreshing eye opener for practising professionals, Top Management and Chairmen in the Corporate Sector.

    Kaushik Dutta, the author, is eminently suited to write this valuable ensemble, a challenging contribution to the literature on the subject with his distinguished long background of having been a Senior Partner of PWC and close interaction with Indian and International Bodies/Committees on Corporate Governance. His hands on insight as an Independent Director on the Boards of Companies adds practical flavour to this much awaited publication.

    Read More…



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