Upcoming Book: The Audit Committee Handbook

The Audit Committee Handbook (Cover)

TARI in partnership with PwC is writing the Audit Committee Handbook, a book which aims at providing key insights into the functioning of Audit Committee in companies. The Companies Act 2013 and the Revised Clause 49 of the Listing Agreement has significantly expanded the functions and responsibilities of Audit Committees. In view of the expanded scope, the Audit Committee Handbook will provide insights into the functioning as well as effective discharge of its functions, through detailed analysis of the legal requirements and best practices followed worldwide and in India. The book discusses the manner in which the Audit Committee members are expected to discharge their responsibilities and consequent liabilities in case of failing to act proper. The Handbook follows a practical approach and includes case studies and industry references for readers to get a practical orientation of the functioning of an Audit Committee. The Handbook is expected to serve as a guide for not simply Audit Committee members but also for those in the management including other directors, to help them understand the functioning of Audit Committee.

Watch this space for the book’s release date.




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