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Indian Tyre Industry: Sustaining Competitiveness in Global Market Place

Tyre Industry is one of the key industries in India and had a turnover of ₹ 53,000 crores and exports of ₹ 10,500 crores in 2015-16. This industry has attracted a investment to the tune of ₹36,000 crores under the Government of India initiative of Make in India for capacity expansion as well the new greenfield projects. This industry is facing slow growth in recent years as it is directly linked to the automobile industry.  It also faces stiff challenges due…

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An Assessment of Recent Skill Building Initiatives in India

Skill building in India came into focus after the new Central Government announced the Skill India programme. In the budget 2016-17, the Finance Minister announced ₹ 1,804 crores for the skill development ministry to push job creation, apart from announcing a pension incentive. While such initiatives were undertaken even during the previous government, in the new millennium with India achieving a higher economic growth path the issue of skill building became imper…

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Anatomy of Successful Startups : A Case Study of Young Enterprises

Amidst the ambitious goal of making India a startup nation, this particular study helps to understand the success of a startup in a much better way. Across the world, roughly one in every ten startups survive. Based on primary questionnaire based survey, this study will analyse the reasons behind successful startups' survival. To achieve the dream of a startup nation, policy gaps have to be plugged in to make the startup ecosystem more entrepreneur-friendly. Our …

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CSR in India Steering Business toward Social Change

For too long CSR in India had been left to non-directional, haphazard do-gooding; 'Governance' - the process through which decisions are taken - of CS

Governance and leadership are the yin and the yang of successful organisations.     

Mark Goyder