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Gender Parity Index in the Formal Sector in India

TARI is developing an index specific to India to evaluate gender diversity and empowerment of women in the formal sector and the progress of empowerment mechanisms over the years.  The study is commissioned by FICCI and FICCI Ladies Organisation. The framework for measuring gender parity will measure indicators and produce an overall score of an organisation on the index. The progress made by an organisation over a period of time in that particular indicator will be captured and reflected in the index.

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C R Datta on Company Law (Seventh Edition)

TARI contributed two chapters to the seventh edition of the book "C R Datta on Company Law" published by Lexis Nexis (2016). Chapter Nine and Chapter

Organizations lose 5% of their revenues to fraud each year with potential global fraud loss projected at more than $3.5 trillion!     

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners 2012 Report to the Nations