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Anatomy of Successful Startups : A Case Study of Young Enterprises

Amidst the ambitious goal of making India a startup nation, this particular study helps to understand the success of a startup in a much better way. Across the world, roughly one in every ten startups survive. Based on primary questionnaire based survey, this study will analyse the reasons behind successful startups’ survival. To achieve the dream of a startup nation, policy gaps have to be plugged in to make the startup ecosystem more entrepreneur-friendly. Our study strives to achieve this on the basis of primary data on startups.

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C R Datta on Company Law (Seventh Edition)

TARI contributed two chapters to the seventh edition of the book "C R Datta on Company Law" published by Lexis Nexis (2016). Chapter Nine and Chapter

Corruption need not be the grease that oils the wheels of progress     

Dr.Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India