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An Assessment of Recent Skill Building Initiatives in India

Skill building in India came into focus after the new Central Government announced the Skill India programme. In the budget 2016-17, the Finance Minister announced ₹ 1,804 crores for the skill development ministry to push job creation, apart from announcing a pension incentive. While such initiatives were undertaken even during the previous government, in the new millennium with India achieving a higher economic growth path the issue of skill building became imperative and more pressing. In this context, this study commissioned by ASSOCHAM digs deep into the skill development initiatives to assess the implementation of skill building in the economy, particularly which were and are funded with central government allocations.

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C R Datta on Company Law (Seventh Edition)

TARI contributed two chapters to the seventh edition of the book "C R Datta on Company Law" published by Lexis Nexis (2016). Chapter Nine and Chapter

Organizations lose 5% of their revenues to fraud each year with potential global fraud loss projected at more than $3.5 trillion!     

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners 2012 Report to the Nations